Off Track ThoroughBred Specialist – OTTB –

Off Track ThoroughBred Specialist
– OTTB –

Offering years of experience with selecting, re-training, competing, and sales of off track Thoroughbreds, Melody can help answer your questions on picking one at the track or farm, what to expect when you first bring your new horse home, and how to begin the re-training for productive life in a new discipline. Having worked on the track and on Thoroughbred breeding and training farms in an ‘earlier life’, Melody knows the ins and outs of OTTB’s and can help you find a good one, and safely start your new ex-racer.

  • Need some answers on how to go about getting an Off Track Thoroughbred of your own?

  • Or how to choose one that’s sound and right for you, and what to expect when you go to your local race track?

  • Need to know how to safely bring an OTTB home to your barn?

  • Want to know what to expect when you mount up for the first time and how to re-train an ex-race horse for a new life?

    A new Ebook for OTTB Owners!

    An Ebook for OTTB Owners by Melody Taylor-Scott

OTTB Ebook by Melody Taylor-Scott
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  1. Haley

    How to teach ottb to stop

    1. MTS-EvergreenEQ (Post author)

      That’s a complicated question, Haley.
      I wrote a book about how to re-home and re-train OTTB’s for just that reason.
      Check out my other site for OTTBs:


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